Be in the know

You might not be trendy, but your data sure should be! It’s important to follow and measure market trends in order to minimize risk. Attempting to do this manually is no easy feat - that’s where Smart Alerts comes in. Our real-time sports data alert service is the easiest, safest and quickest way to monitor your data. Leave the surprises for your wife’s birthday; Smart Alerts detects future major problems for you so that you’re not thrown off guard. You can also easily update your settings at any time.

From abnormal fixtures to unpredictable odds movements, we’ve got you covered. We track all relevant data according to any possible market average.

Specific settings for each sport and market let you confidently optimize your trading strategy. You can also reduce manpower by tracking many events simultaneously with our intuitive interface.

Choose how you want to receive alerts: on our site or via SMS, email or push API.

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