Stay ahead of your competition with LSports’ BPS

What's BPS All About?
Stay ahead of your competition with LSports’ BPS

BPS (Bookie Performance System) empowers sportsbooks with a competitive edge by providing real-time comparisons of their offerings and performance against rivals. This cutting-edge service optimizes bookies’ trading through live, personalized notifications alerting them about gaps in fixtures, markets, odds and margins. Additionally, it offers analytical insights into performance and market trends, helping bookies make informed decisions on pricing, promotions, coverage, etc.

Stay ahead of your competition with LSports’ BPS

Fixtures Comparison

Display missing fixtures compared to your direct competitors and the market.

Fixtures Subscription

Integrate and offer your users fixtures covered by your competitors with a simple click.

Market Offering

Compare your offerings to your competition, including market availability and odds accuracy.

Uptime Analysis

Compare your market uptime to your competitors.

Margin Comparison

Compare your margins to those of your competitors and adjust pricing to maximize revenue.

Historical Performance

Set time periods and analyze your performance—both generally and compared to competitors—to identify trend changes and areas for improvement.


Identify areas for improvement and high-performing aspects through performance charts and heatmaps, with breakdowns by sport, location, and league.

Trading Signals

Gain a competitive edge by receiving turnover-based live alerts for markets and fixtures.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Compare real-time odds against competition to optimize your offering
  • Maximize revenue by easily integrating missing fixtures and markets to your offerings
  • Stay informed and capitalize on market irregularities and unexpected odds changes
  • Enhance performance with analytical insights for continuous improvement
  • Gain deep insights into market trends by browsing historical data


  • Does BPS cover all sports?


  • Does BPS provide insights in real time?

    Yes, you will receive live insights on your performance compared to your competitors and alerts about gaps in fixtures, odds, and sports types.

  • Will I also receive information about betting markets?

    Certainly! BPS will notify you about gaps in specific betting markets, allowing you to capitalize on competitors’ betting market downtime.

  • Will I be able to access historical data?

    Yes, historical performance data is available in BPS. It enables you to analyze your performance over time and react quickly to trend changes in the market.

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