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Based on over a million historical Tennis matches in our database and supported by our OddService and STM services, we produce identical replays of original Tennis matches backed by real data, real action that took place on court, and real-time odds, all supported by high-quality visualization, providing a never-ending entertainment and attraction for your customers.

The real information of the match (player names, tournaments, dates, and time) will be revealed to bettors after the conclusion of each match, to legitimize and allow bettors to verify their historical accuracy.

Tennis betting simulator

Product and Service Highlights and Benefits


Matches include main markets like Match winner, Game Winner, Point Winner. Others include even more such as “Game to Deuce”, Asian Handicap, etc.
The product is focused to address In-Play developments. You can utilize the Pre-match odds at “About to Start” status for Pre-match purposes.
The context of the matches is hidden from the user until the match is completed. Before and during the match there is no information regarding tournament name, tournament round, players’ real names or even the context of surface type.

Yes. After the match is finished, a unique message will be delivered with all the following information:

  •       Player A real name
  •       Player B real name
  •       Tournament name
  •       Match date
  •       Set number
  •       Set score

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