Our Story

Who we are & what we do

In 2011, the sports data industry was behind the times. While many major markets had advanced with new technology, sports media and betting was lagging behind. Recognizing the need for better data solutions in the sportsbook market, LSports was born.

LSports is a collection of designers, programmers, tinkerers, bikers, engineers, runners, developers, analysts, musicians, authors, photographers, readers, travelers, parents, and most importantly, hard workers. Our staff provides the best sports data collection on the planet.

With the most accurate and innovative sports related data products in the industry, we work with media groups, bookmakers and websites to provide fast, user-friendly solutions and relevant and valuable performance insight.

LSports aspires to lead the sports tech industry by making accurate data, in order to provide business advantage to our customers.

Our Mission

LSports seeks to use its core competencies to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage to its customers.

We believe that all sport events are created equal and should be covered and analysed thoroughly, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With us, you get the whole package; we provide real-time data and in-depth analysis of pre-match and in-play incidents. With automated alerting tools, unique racing services and customized sportsbook management tools, we’ve got you covered.

We strive to set standards of excellence, and we accomplish this through lightning-fast data feeds and out-of-the-box thinking. The innovative approach of our sports-loving engineers coupled with our dedicated Customer Service team ensures that our clients receive the best possible sports data experience.

Lsports aim to lead the Sports data information in the world and provide new future for our customers by inventing the way sport data created today.

Ortal, Software Developer

As head of innovation, it’s my job to keep the company up to date with the latest technology, always one step ahead of the market.

Boris, Head of Innovation

Managing our products end-to-end means being a professional. I see it like a horse racing- Ready to explore and adapt to a fast-changing market Set your mind, bring out the best in our products Go fast and accurate!

Ran, Product Manager

we adopt a customer-oriented approach, allowing us to be attentive to our customer’s requirements and customize a tailor-made solution for each. We are committed to our customer’s success, consider them as an integral part of our company’s roadmap and growth, and wish to prosper along with them.

yoav-ziv-lsportsYoav, Head of Sales