Sports Trading Manager

STM – Improve Your Data Performance

“Sports Trading Manager” delivers the market to you in real time.
STM is a sophisticated, state of the art AI trading system with a sole purpose to automate your sportsbook.

Brand new auto-trading tools will keep you one step ahead of the competition.

The system will then calculate all other markets, so you can have the maximum offer in minimum effort.

Auto Trading:
When it comes to trading, your creation and maintenance processes should involve the least hands possible.
STM, geared with brand new unique features, will enable it for you.

Sportsbook trading manager

Product Highlights and Benefits

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The main difference is that OddService provides you with bookmakers’ lines, while STM gives you a customized average according to your settings.

For more details, check out OddService>>

You can set your own margin, max/min odds, odds deviation, bookie list and line types.

We’re all about being smart! We’ve created automated algorithms to help you minimize risk by suspending bets on critical incidents like goals and red cards.

Yup! Our Bookie Performance System (BPS) gives you the option to set default settings and override them for each sport, country, league and market level.