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STM – Automate Your Sportsbook

Enhance your sportsbook with the complete control offered by our advanced trading system, the Sports Trading Manager, allowing you to create and generate your own unique and accurate fair value odds based on live data.

Have full control by setting your own margins and other trading related features such as automatic suspension of odds following selected competitors, and more, while all can be filtered per list, sport, league, etc.

The STM offers a user-friendly interface of all messages received pre, post and during an event.

The product includes the OddService feed (Including outright sports, Esports API, etc.) and our Live Score Manager system.

A new take on sports trading.

STM - Bookmakers and Sportsbooks API data

Pre Match

Product Highlights and Benefits


The main difference is that OddService provides you with bookmakers’ lines, while STM gives you a customized average according to your settings.

For more details, check out OddService: Odds APIs >>

You can set your own margin, max/min odds, odds deviation, bookie list and line types.

We’re all about being smart! We’ve created automated algorithms to help you minimize risk by suspending bets on critical incidents like goals and red cards.

Yup! Our Bookie Performance System (BPS) gives you the option to set default settings and override them for each sport, country, league and market level.

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