Being a leading sports data provider comes with responsibilities. One of them is to constantly feel the market and identify opportunities to grow and expand. In that context, Latin America, undoubtedly one of the world’s fastest-growing betting markets, has been a major target in LSports’ long-term strategy since it started. Recently we’ve started to walk the talk with several key strategic steps that underscore our regional intentions.

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With its vision of empowering sportsbooks with advanced solutions, LSports is proud to announce the launch of its new cash-out service. This product aims to improve user engagement, allowing bookies to manage risk and reduce their exposure.

This service effectively enables punters to settle their bets before the result of an event is determined. Sportsbook operators can offer them this option, with the cash-out amount depending on several factors, such as the current score of the game, the remaining time, and the odds of the original bet.

Bookies can use cash-outs as an in-game betting feature but can also be offered during the season for outright markets.



ICE 365 has been nothing short of incredible. For us at LSports, the world’s biggest and most renowned gaming event was the perfect venue to celebrate the exceptional year we had experienced on all fronts and showcase our flagship products to industry leaders.

And that’s exactly what we did. Our stand was triple the size compared to last year’s event, we held over 250 meetings in 3 days and had the largest team ever on-site. LSports stood out in the crowd, allowing our representatives to share information about our products, technologies, and the tremendous growth we achieved as a company.

We want to extend a big thank you to everyone who took the time to meet with us. For those who missed the opportunity, don’t worry. It’s never too late. Contact us here to learn more about LSports and our innovative solutions.

The AI-based, real-time betting tips generator now supports over 10 popular sports, including soccer, tennis, basketball and football, among others. CS:GO marks the beginning of new esports games, with other high-profile games following its footsteps, such as League of Legends and Dota 2.

Yoav Ziv, LSports Chief Revenue Officer, said: “For over two years now, we’ve been investing a lot of resources into providing the best Esports data out there. Besides our huge coverage, we wanted to offer our customers an edge and this is where BetBooster came in.

Ziv added: “With the support of both pre-match and in-play tips, sportsbooks can be sure that CS:GO betting is going to get a lot more stimulating and rewarding.”

LSports tracks over 160,000 pre-match and 110,000 in-play events each month, creating an immersive sporting experience for non-stop fan engagement.

Meanwhile, LSports marked various accomplishments in 2022 as it reported a 77% growth in its in-play coverage and 45% in pre-match.

The company has made steps in various regions, with the creation of its own AUDL data, following its exclusivity deal with the up-and-coming league, and the recent agreement with the Brazilian Basketball Confederation (CBB) positioning them as the sole distributor of their data.

In November, Sports data feed and service provider LSports completed the acquisition of Poland-based data company Statscore.

LSports says this acquisition was undertaken to strengthen its data collection capabilities, by integrating a “fully grown” data centre covering 30 sports.

By adding STATSCORE to its portfolio, LSports has set out plans to create “unique and personalised content” for its partners.

This, LSports explained, will also offer a wider range of granular play-by-play data, as well as aggregated player and team stats.

Dotan Lazar (pictured, above), LSports Co-founder and CEO, said: “We have full confidence in STATSCORE’s products and its people. Our goal is to produce technology-based, in-depth content.

“I believe the acquisition of STATSCORE will lead us to new heights, more B2B products, personalisation, and data validation tools that will bring our accuracy level to 100%. Our goal is to double the company in all aspects in a very short period.”

The acquisition will enable LSports to expand its global footprint even further, with the takeover opening the doors to markets such as Asia, Latin America and the US.

Both companies agreed that their common goal of “bringing life” to data-powered sports products was a driving force behind their collaboration.

Dariusz Łęczyński, Chief Operations Officer at STATSCORE, added: “LSports joining forces with STATSCORE is nothing but a natural move. To us, it looked like a matter of time as we have been successful partners for a very long time now.

“Similar visions, yet different approaches to the products and data collection made each company unique. This spectacular potential created with the synergy has a chance to explode once combined together. We are absolutely thrilled about the common future.”

Yoav Ziv, Chief Revenue Officer at LSports, spoke at SBC Summit Barcelona about the company’s Computer Vision product and the way in which this can help operators to improve their trading operation.

He began: “In the near future, and definitely when 5G is more widely available, you will be able to base your scouting data on Computer Vision only. Today, we already know how to do that. Even on streams with very bad quality, we don’t need a HD connection to collect data from a stream.

“Computer Vision can do anything. For example in a tennis match, the distance travelled by a player is not something that a data scout can collect. But, it is something that Computer Vision can do really easily. It also means that we can get more data sets in order to allow customers to make better decisions and maybe even better trading operations.”

Covering big questions like whether the use of AI can completely remove the need for human data collection and the growing opportunities in the US market, Ziv shed some light on LSports’ plans for the next few months.

Obviously, the Qatar 2022 World Cup is of big importance for the data solutions provider. So it comes as no surprise that LSports is focusing on two products which it believes will enhance overall user experience and help drive both engagement and retention.

He said: “We have two main things that we are focussing on. The first of which is our Bet Booster, a tool based on AI that is providing betting tips based on historical trends. For the World Cup, we’re going to offer daily betting tips on every game, every match and every aspect as we market the tournament.

“The second thing we are focusing on is we are offering a unique World Cup Centre, where all data is relayed as a widget. So all data related to the World Cup fixtures, games, historical analysis, social media integration, information about the venues and general information about where the games are being played.

“This is going to be something which is super engaging and incredibly interesting for players. We hope that it will allow our customers to not only acquire more users, but to also improve retention rates and allow players to stay on a betting website for longer.”

LSports is a leading global sports data company, aiming for building a new standard of engaging Brazilian basketball betting experience for the next decade.

CBB (Brazilian Basketball Confederation) fans will enjoy a cutting-edge tech support, powered by the company proprietary API technology, state-of-the-art sports betting trading management, innovative stimulation tools and Live and Pre Match data feeds.

Brazil’s activity will also include data generation for sports betting platforms and integrity, using state-of-the-art technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

In addition to the data, LSports partners will have the exclusivity of video streaming for the sports betting market, for the generation of “odds” in championships organized by the CBB.

As a part of this exclusive agreement, CBB will receive services for the preparation and supply statistics, data, reports, information from probabilities, pre-game and live, regarding the Brazilian National Teams and tournaments coordinated and indicated by the confederation, from 2022 to 2031.

“The collaboration with CBB illustrates our faith in the Brazilian basketball brand. Together with our new partners, we can strengthen clubs and the sport as a whole,” commented Dotan Lazar, Co-Founder & CEO at LSports.

“We will deliver the thrill of gaming, entertainment, and rapid-precise statistics to basketball fans in Brazil and throughout the globe. The utilization of digital sportsbooks will provide our new partners unprecedented visibility and interaction,” added Dotan.

LSports is a global sports data company providing sportsbooks, media organizations, and fan experience innovators with the data feeds and services that allow them to put their best product out there. Powered by highly accurate real-time data on the widest range of live events, LSports tracks over 200,000 pre-match and in-play events each month, creating an immersive sporting experience for non-stop fan engagement.

Founded in 2012 and serving hundreds of customers around the globe, LSports is setting a new standard for delightful sports betting experiences.

LSports has long since positioned itself as a leader in the sports betting industry. As the company prides itself on its technology and forward-thinking, the CV feed is a natural outcome of innovation.

Described by the company’s CEO as “the future of data”, the CV-based feed is the first fully automated solution able to analyse, in real-time, live sports streams and convert them into instant data.

The company promises that soon this feed will be able to change the sports betting industry completely. Thanks to it, there will be zero need for scouts as it is managed solely by technology. It will also promise up to 99% accuracy, an unprecedented offer, as it will avoid human error.

As the CV technology can analyse any kind of video stream, regardless of resolution, it is able to produce enormous amounts of brand-new insights with the potential to create completely new markets and so much more.

Currently, the tech specialises in tennis, as it serves as a perfect starting point for further development. A few examples of new data points in tennis include a player’s covered distance, shot type, ball speed, and in-depth analysis based on a player’s tactics.

Looking forward, LSports plans to soon finish perfecting the technology and its tennis data, befofre moving on to add coverage for soccer and basketball. This innovation will push LSports’ customers to the top of the market and position the company as an industry leader. With no scouts, the highest possible data accuracy in the industry, and endless amounts of new data insights, this feed stands out as the future of data.