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September 04, 2023

Engage your bettors with LSports’ SEC revolutionized player experience Now available for pre-launch!

LSports proudly unveils its upcoming pioneering innovation for sportsbooks – SEC. Designed to produce an exciting and data-driven player experience while enhancing sportsbooks through heightened customer loyalty and satisfaction, resulting in elevated turnover rates, SEC addresses a primary pain point for operators. LSports has in store for sportsbooks.
Engage your bettors with LSports’ SEC revolutionized player experience

What is SEC?

SEC (Sports Expert Chat) is a cutting-edge interactive chatbot and sports data hub powered by technology similar to ChatGPT, providing various benefits:

A fully automated, trustworthy personal sports advisor: SEC delivers actionable insights and expert guidance to bettors by offering data-driven tips, essential event details, live updates, weather forecasts, and comprehensive statistics. This enables them to make informed decisions.

what’s in it for sportsbooks?

Unveiling Real-Time Odds Insights and Updates: Experience the power of SEC’s Dynamic Odds Analysis.

Enhanced user loyalty: Increase users’ satisfaction and experience a boost to your turnover rates by delivering bettors comprehensive and relevant data.

Unparalleled personalized player experience: Dive into the ultimate personalized betting experience through SEC’s tailored recommendations to individual preferences.

Unique selling proposition: Set yourself apart from the competition with a unique product offering that enhances your value proposition to bettors.

Empower your sportsbook, transform the industry!

At LSports, our vision for SEC extends beyond conventional boundaries. We aim to slash your customer acquisition (CAC) costs by 50% and seamlessly convert casual users into active, committed customers.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to revolutionize your sportsbook. SEC is now available for pre-launch – learn all about it here and experience the Future Today!

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