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October 12, 2022

LSports introduces the future of sports data

World-leading sports data solutions provider reveals the development of advanced computer vision (CV) technology able to create the first ever machine-driven sports data feeds.
LSports introduces the future of sports data

LSports has long since positioned itself as a leader in the sports betting industry. As the company prides itself on its technology and forward-thinking, the CV feed is a natural outcome of innovation.

Described by the company’s CEO as “the future of data”, the CV-based feed is the first fully automated solution able to analyse, in real-time, live sports streams and convert them into instant data.

The company promises that soon this feed will be able to change the sports betting industry completely. Thanks to it, there will be zero need for scouts as it is managed solely by technology. It will also promise up to 99% accuracy, an unprecedented offer, as it will avoid human error.

As the CV technology can analyse any kind of video stream, regardless of resolution, it is able to produce enormous amounts of brand-new insights with the potential to create completely new markets and so much more.

Currently, the tech specialises in tennis, as it serves as a perfect starting point for further development. A few examples of new data points in tennis include a player’s covered distance, shot type, ball speed, and in-depth analysis based on a player’s tactics.

Looking forward, LSports plans to soon finish perfecting the technology and its tennis data, befofre moving on to add coverage for soccer and basketball. This innovation will push LSports’ customers to the top of the market and position the company as an industry leader. With no scouts, the highest possible data accuracy in the industry, and endless amounts of new data insights, this feed stands out as the future of data.

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