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January 10, 2024

Reflecting on Success, Anticipating Greater Heights

Reflecting on Success, Anticipating Greater Heights

After a dynamic 2023, the sports betting industry steps into an exciting new year. Weeks before its traditional celebration at ICE London, LSports’ Co-Founder and CEO Dotan Lazar, provides an industry overview. In the article, Lazar discusses the challenges sportsbooks faced this year, highlights a selection of the trends that will dominate the industry in 2024, and shared future plans LSports has in store.

Trends will be trends

“The sports betting industry is at an exciting juncture. In 2023, user acquisition reached a saturation point, emphasizing the crucial importance of engagement and retention,” Lazar said.

“However, sportsbooks are now confronted with the challenge of presenting bettors with unique offerings in a market flooded with similar tools. I anticipate that the trends of seeking differentiation and delivering a personalized player experience will remain prevalent in 2024.

“To navigate this landscape successfully, technology-driven companies like LSports must persist in developing solutions, while bookies must embrace a culture of innovation.

“Insufficient or unsatisfactory coverage is another challenge we often hear about from sportsbooks.

“When it comes to sports data, customization is key. Operators work in different regions of the world, catering to users with diverse preferences regarding sports, markets, and types of bets, all while managing various budgets. Consequently, they seek tailored data packages, serving as a base from which to expand.”

Where to?

LSports is active in every key market worldwide and maintains a physical presence in Asia, Africa, and LatAm. Still, much like the entire industry, they are also very excited about the latest developments in Brazil.

Fully prepared for this endeavor, LSports boasts a track record of collaboration with high-caliber sportsbooks operating in the country. The Company’s representative provides partners with comprehensive 360° support, covering sales, customer support, and customer success. Additionally, LSports’ suite of products is fully localized to cater to the preferences of every Brazilian sports fan.

Leveraging the company’s experience, free consultations on expansion strategies into Brazil and Latin America are also offered. “I strongly encourage sportsbooks to seize this opportunity and get in touch with us”, Lazar noted.

Strength in numbers

From a business perspective, 2023 proved to be a “remarkable year” for LSports. In addition to expanding its sports data coverage – surpassing the 100 sports mark and adding fixtures and new markets—the company also secured the industry’s lowest latency levels.

They also launched two flagship products – SEC, a ChatGPT-like sports betting chat, and TRADE360, a sports trading platform that is considered to be “an industry game-changer”. Internally, its employee count was also doubled, a significant trend that it plans to boost in the year ahead.

Geared up for 2024

Regarding its ambitions through the coming 12 months, LSports has stressed a commitment to empowering sportsbooks to stand out, maximising their business, and gaining a competitive edge.

“We relentlessly strive to address sportsbooks’ specific pain points, a commitment that stands in 2024,” Lazar continued.

“We will continue expanding our line of betting stimulation tools, introducing an exciting social betting platform named ‘Points in Play’. Additionally, we plan to incorporate personalized features into TRADE360, empowering bookies to compare their odds with competitors and receive notifications for optimizing their offerings.

“We will also announce several strategic partnership deals. These endeavors are designed to solidify our position as a genuine industry leader and pave the way for entering new regions filled with untapped potential.

“Guided by our resounding marketing slogan, ‘LSports – your ultimate partner for success,’ I am confident that 2024 will witness numerous partners proudly endorsing this statement.”

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